Quickly, Accurately, Safely

Key Benefits

1st Gen

Analyzes and identifies all CSAM without hash analysis.


Time is critical - preliminary results are available within minutes with no need to wait for the entire scan to finish.


The CaseScan algorithm has been trained on CSAM in consultation with world- leading law enforcement experts.


Netspark recognizes the crucial role investigators play in saving children and therefore the importance of safeguarding their mental well-being.  Preventing unnecessary or inadvertent exposure to CSAM is at the forefront of our technology with blurring incorporated at the commencement of each case.

Use Cases

On-Scene Triage

Quickly and accurately triage devices to determine evidentiary value and eliminate unnecessary exhibits in chain of custody.

Lab Examinations

Prioritize devices for extraction/processing and streamline workflow.

Identify first generation CSAM for Victim Identification analyses utilizing AI


About Us

Over the past 14 years, Netspark Ltd. has been at the forefront of technological evolution, mirroring the rapid growth and transformation of the internet. In the early days, when the web was primarily text-based, human moderation was adequate. However, as videos began to dominate the digital landscape, the company foresaw the need for more advanced solutions. This insight led to the creation of cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, ensuring that content moderation kept pace with the ever-changing online environment.

Central to Netspark’s technological advancement is CaseScan, a tool that epitomizes the company’s unwavering commitment to online safety. Specifically engineered to detect Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) on suspect devices, CaseScan operates with unparalleled speed and accuracy. By harnessing Netspark’s state-of-the-art AI and ML algorithms, CaseScan stands as a testament to the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to intricate and evolving challenges.

But CaseScan is more than a mere technological marvel; it symbolizes Netspark’s profound dedication to human welfare. By reducing the potential psychological strain on investigators, it emphasizes the company’s core belief that technology must be in service to humanity. In doing so, Netspark is not only making the digital world safer but also infusing it with compassion, reflecting a vision where technology enhances both security and empathy.

Recent News

It was a pleasure to showcase CaseScan at the ‘Industry and Research Days‘ Europol Conference,  in The Hague, Netherlands. Stay tuned for more updates!

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